Saturday, June 28, 2008

My RSS Feed Is Back Up On Getdarker

Maximum respect to Ashley and the whole crew. Make sure you check out my RSS feed
and the whole Getdarker website, tons of good stuff on there.

Some P Man Shows and Mixes

My RSS feed on getdarker ain't workin', not sure why, but 'til I get it fixed I thought I'd put some links up here. -

The P Man - Deep End Mix

The P Man - Spring Cleaning Mix

The.P.Man - React.FM.02.24.08

The.P.Man - React.FM.02.10.08.The.P.Man

The P Man - React.FM_02_03_08

The P Man - Dark Chocolate Frosting 19-Aug-2007:

The P Man - Chips and Dips Aug-2007:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Check Out Bleep Fiend 001

One thing that's very exciting right now is all the new record labels that have been popping up . The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned . It's always fun getting releases with 001 catalog numbers, plus more labels means a more diverse selection of available music. So... check this new label out, Bleepfiend. Here's what they have to say.

"Bleepfiend is a totally independent net-label, primarily dedicated to releasing lost/forgotten/unreleased electronic music recordings that we feel deserve a wider audience, completely free of charge, to the best of our limited abilities.

Why bother?

Because we want to tell a story: the story of a generation's struggle to realise it's ideas under limitations that would be unthinkable for electronic artists today. This is music made at subsistence level, harnessing whatever technology was available or affordable at the time, from analogue synths to cheap home keyboards, extinct micro-computers to domestic tape recorders. It is the sound of struggle - the creative urge pushing against limitations, forcing the artists to develop their own recording strategies.

The music on offer was recorded in a time before the Internet made it possible to upload, share and promote work to a wider audience. This is music that never had a chance to be heard by anyone outside the artist's immediate circle of friends. But still it's forgotten potential locked in the ferric particles of dusty cassette tapes.

Bleepfiend needs your tunes, so dust-off those old tapes and send us some shit. All styles within the electronic medium considered. We're especially looking for any recordings made with Casio and other home keyboards or Amiga samples and trackers.

Bleepfiend operates a strict 'No Soft-Studios' policy."

Free you say ? Nice ! I'm going to download BFND001 right now. If you'd like to do the same, click on the tilte of this article. That'll take you to the catalog page for

" BFND001: At Home With... No.1 Astronaut " It comes with cover art and everything!

Add bleepfiend to your myspace here...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Come Around rmx.

Come around rmx.

Roguestar's Remix of the Collie Buddz tune "Come Around". Urban Collective have been playing an earlier version of this remix on the Urban Graffiti show for some time now. It's been retooled and it's sounding very nice, big and bashy.I'm looking forward to hearing this on a system. Check for it on white label soon.Check out Roguestar's myspace here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baile Funk

Click the link for a nice article about Funk in Brazil. It's written by Bruno Natal and was published in XLR8R magazine in spring 2005.

Monday, June 16, 2008 -

my way of saying thank you to all of the dj's at , management, and all of the listeners . oh and i guess i'm a mug, i neglected to play anything by fused forces... i KNEW i was forgetting something, sorry guys . oh well, there's always next time. (click on the title of the article for a download link)

1. heny g . arena one
2. strife . forgiven
3. conquest . loud and proud
4. beezy . say yes (kromestar on buttons)
5. heny g .retro love
6. the p man . crazy safari
7. nyabinghi . napalm
8. cluekid . hovercraft
9. cluekid . oddysey
10. h*o*d . dubcry
11. cluekid . crazy legs
12. common sense and los one . turn the lights down
13. dj formula . hard control
14. kush republic . pain in the head region
15. dj orien . sleeplesness
16. conquest . deep inside
17. conquest . mood swings
18. conquest . the sea front
19. silkie . dam 4
20. reso . toasted
21. caspa and rusko . king george
22. rusko feat. danman . jah love
23. rusko . hornz cru
24. cluekid . analogue monkey
25. h*o*d . impervious
26. reso . onson
27. reso and roguestar . no such thing as fate
28. cluekid . halogen
29. coki and underground ice . gangster for life
30. soundproof produtions . planet red
31. h*o*d . alive and kicking
32. h*o*d . who can dance
33. the p man . tick tock
34. dj orien . blue lagoon
35. roguestar . the calling
36. roguestar . orbiting genesis
37. h*o*d . staying put
38. unknown artist . collie budz rmx
39. beezy feat. arorah . my kids (cluekid on buttons)
40. conquest . forever

Sunday, June 8, 2008 -

I packed a pretty nice record box for BrokenBeat night so I decided to play all of them on my radio show the following night.Just click the title of the blog to get re-directed to getdarker for the download. (Erm, it's about 5 1/2 hours).Maximum respect to the full React FM family, all the listeners, the full BrokenBeat crew, and everyone who reached BrokenBeat.I might've mis-ID'ed one or two tunes...

BrokenBeat Night Was Fun

Maximum boost to everyone who came out. Big up the Walker and the whole BrokenBeat crew, thanks again for putting me on. Respect .

DJ Oneman .

Check out this article by Martin Clark on DJ Oneman .

Here's a link for a recent Oneman and Asbo set.

Big up Martin Clark , A.K.A. Blackdown . Check out his blog here .