Thursday, July 24, 2008

DJ Kicks, Burial

Originally scheduled for international release June 23 2008 so I guess this isn't exactly news to everyone, but no one told me ! I happened to see it when I was browsing through today.They've got the release date as August 22 2008.

says "We hear whisperings from the studio that he may treat his dearest dubstep, techno and even r'n'b tracks with his unique production style before mixing them with exclusive material and... well watch this space!"

Burial says on June 30th,

"fake djkicks tracklist got put up somewhere i got messages from people & producers thinking it was real

if i do djkicks it will be mostly old jungle tunes
& new tunes

big up"

Here's a couple of quotes from the man himself last December in Wire

"My favorite tunes were underground and moody but with killer vocals: 'Let Go' by Teebee, 'Being with you remix' by Foul Play. Intense, Alex Reece, Digital, Goldie, Dillinja, EL-B, D-Bridge, Steve Gurley. I miss being on the bus to school listening to Dj Hype mixes. Sometimes some other kids would get us tunes, I'd record off of pirate radio all night."

"My older brother loved tunes, rave tunes, jungle, he lived all that stuff, and he was gone, he was on the other side of the night, almost. He was the one who wasn’t back, he was out there, going to places. He’d tell us stories about it. We were brought up on stories about it. Lleaving the city in a car and finding somewhere and hearing these tunes, and he’d bring them back. He would sit us down and play these old tunes, and later on he’d play us ‘Metropolis’ , Reinforced, Paradox, DJ Hype, Foul Play, DJ Krystl, Source Direct and techno tunes. When you’re younger that stuff blows your mind. But then they, they didn’t lose interest in it, but they got on with life and I was stuck for years. And I would still buy the tunes, and my whole life was going on missions to buy tunes and try and impress em by putting together compilations I thought that they would like. I thought I was holding a lighter up for that stuff, I'd cane Jaffa Cakes and make compilations, slip the odd garage tune in. And even when I started making tunes I was trying to impress them, I still am, but I think they hate my new tunes though. When I grew up I thought everyone would be into jungle and garage tunes but hardly anyone I knew was, in the end."

I'm looking forward to this release, I love Jungle but I was never fully immersed in it when it was a going concern so I'm looking forward to hearing Burial's selections,(and possible remixes) I think it'll probably be some pretty distinctive stuff. Thats's what I like about these DJ Kicks releases, they are like a little peek in to the artists record collections.

Respect to Lady Yu for additional research.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dead Channel

People have a tendancy to ignore art if it's easy to get. Sometimes that's a mistake.Micoland a.k.a. Mick "Mico" Schofield, recently posted a download link for his new full length All Loop Traffic,on myspace.It's out on Dead Channel.Everything on Dead Channel is free download so get on it!There's a fairly wide stylistic range on offer. "Shake Ya Filament Loose" is a skittery slightly glitchy affair.Brutalist Architecture is more of a darkside dubstep tune, as far as it goes it's hard to classify these tunes, they are just a little different and not easily pidgeonholable fare. My personal favorite is "Deadstep", it pulls of a neat trick by being deep and dark and kind of bumpy and upsteppy at the same time, good stuff.The tunes here roll out nicely and evolve over the length of the tune.The tunes are not overly polished but I'm looking forward to hearing them on a decent sound system. I'm gonna drop "Deadstep" first chance I get.Micoland also has another album called "MyColdLand"on Leeds based Dirtyload as well as a collab with Gwylo a.k.a. Gordon J. Edwards called "Reflections" Dawn Raid Remixes EP is also available for free download on Dead Channel It features re-interpretations of Micolands tune Dawn Raid Symphony by himself as well as Dead Channel/Dirtyload alumni Blackhat, and Ant Orange