Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Skool Alert

WFMU's Tale of the Twelve with Lou
A half hour show show celebrating the bleeps, bloops and beats of pre-millennium electronica and dance singles in the twelve inch format. Lots of forgotten and discarded artists, pseudonyms, sub-genres and remixes from the late 80's and 90's thrown at you in a down and dirty fashion.

This link courtesy of Ride Theory, thanks Ride Theory.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Mix 2oo8 Edition

This started off as a planned mix of stuff from my hard drive, some of it is released, some of it is unreleased. Others, like the Skreamix of Warrior Queen and the R.Demon remix of Aaliyah are from the Dubstep Forum Dubs section. Thanks to everyone who gave me tunes ! Everything from "Lean Forward" 'til the end is vinyl (the mix was seeming kinda short so I grabbed some faves that I always keep handy). Respect to all the producers and labels. Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy the mix.

Tracklist ;

H.O.D "Coffee Shop"
Kush Republic and C.E.O "Rum and Coke"
Devious "White Sandy Beaches"
Clouds "Elders"
Konnek Deep "Dive In"
Whistla "Rollerball"
Silkie "Primal"
LV feat. Dandelion "CCTV"
The P Man "Brother of Darkness"
DQ1 "Gud Money"
Unknown "Sideways"
H.O.D "The Hardcore Project"
Cotti vs Mr. Party feat. Jammer "Dem Fi Know"
Kromestar "Badman"
Sunship feat Warrior Queen "Almighty Father (skreamix)"
Aaliyah "Resolution (R. Demon RMX)"
F1 & Kromestar "Yeah"
Mala "Lean Forward"
Darqwan "Megatection"
Rossi B and Luca "Nobody Move"
RSD "Pretty Bright Lights"
Conquest "Mood Swings"
Smasher and Lewi White "Exodus Remix"

Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Mix Up 2oo8 Edition

I posted this as a comment on Headphone Commute, but i figured it throw it up here too. Add your own fav mixes from 2oo8 in the comments.

I was looking for a certain old school jungle show which I could not find but while i was looking in found this one, also a fine specimen, H.O.D. - React FM 08 18 08 Pt. 1 Jungle Selection . H.O.D (Horizons of Darkness) used to conduct a four hour show every Monday on React FM in addition to his regular 2 hour show on Thursday as a member of Urban Collective. Often his Monday Show's would be split in to 2 themed sections . This is one of those, I missed recording the first few minutes of the show, but you still get almost 2 hours of Old School Jungle selections and H.O.D's usual impeccable mixing.

Lots of Old School classics here, subjunkies.&.beezy -

Another one from the Subjunkies, this one has tons of classic lovers rock material (I can't believe it's only had 5 downloads so far)subjunkies -

O.K. enough old school specials, here's one of my mixes from 2oo8. The P Man - Deep End Mix Nothing earth shattering here, just some of the deeper Dubstep material I was feeling at the time, reasonably well mixed, CD friendly length, tracklist included.

One of the best eclectic kind of mixes in recent memory is this one by Braiden on Rinse FM . Braiden - Rinse FM Dec 01 2oo8 Braiden provided a mostly complete track list which you will see if you click the link.

So many more but I'll just leave it with this one, Potentz and Cessman - Terrafonix Show React FM Dec o6 2oo8. I'm really feeling these guys tunes at the moment, they call it "Concious Dubstep" it's good stuff, on the deeper end of the Dubstep spectrum. DJ Potentz "Limb by Limb remix" is gonna be dropping on white label soon ( I'm really looking forward to it).

There were so many more... but I gotta get some sleep.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

13 More Shopping Days

Having trouble finding a gift for the DJ on your list (hint hint)? Dub Studio has the perfect thing . The Dubplate Voucher . Nice 1 !