Friday, October 28, 2011

The P Man Show October 27 2011


Asbo - Chuck Norris (Asbo)
J-Sweet - Floppy Disc (Earth 616)
Kromestar - Love (Antisocial Entertainment/Cloqworq Recordings)
Benga - The Virus (Southside Dubstars)
Formula - Hard Control (Art Recordings)
Devious - Acid (Art Recordings)
Darqwan - Confused ? (Texture Records)
D1 - Jus Business (Dub Police)
Benga - Flame (Big Apple Records)
Skream - Blipstream (Tempa)
Silkie - Step Aside (Antisocial Entertainment/Cloqworq Recordings)
Pinch ft. Yolanda - Get Up (Tectonic)
Quest - Stand (Deep Medi Musik)
DJ Heny G - A Soul Is Born Through Pain (3.5 Records)
Dubchild - Wanna Die (Storming Productions)
DJ Ras Kwame - Cum On (Soulja)
SRC - Gold Coinz (Numbers)
Swindle - Mood Swings V.I.P. (Butterz White Label Test Press)
Sully - Heartbeat (Mugwell Bill Rekids)
Rusko - Love Is Real (Sub Soldiers)
Terrafonix - London Eye (Dub)
L-Wiz - Lips (Cloqworq Recordings)
Jack Dixon - With You (Silverback Recordings)
Don Froth - Von (West Norwood Cassette Library)
Nolige - Funked Out (Cloud 9 Digital)
EshOne - Nautilus (Elk Beats Digital)
Cessman - Zoned (Forthcoming Dubliminal Records)
Jack Sparrow - Way Out West (Cloqworq Recordings)
Misk - Belted (Elk Beats Digital)
Cessman - Gurkha (Forthcoming Sin City Records)
Cotti Feat. Badness - Teen Wolf (El-B Remix) (Sum Ting New, Digital Only)
Esh One - Templar (Dub)
Girl Unit - Wut (Night Slugs)
Ciara - Dueces (Nguzunguzu Remix) (Net Freebie From
Terrafonix - London Eye (Dub)
Cessman - The Empress Way (Dub)
Rob Sparx - Independant Life (El-B Remix)
Orien - Love Come To Me (Forthcoming Poizend Audio)
Cessman - Shanker (Ariwa)
Monkey - Drunkerdz V.I.P. v1 (Dub)

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