Friday, November 4, 2011

Puppy Kicker, Coloures and Memories out now

San Diego Dubstep Stalwart Puppy Kicker has a new release on Rogue Dubs called "Coloures & Memories EP" it's currently available exclusively through Beatport. Here's the blurb,

San Diego based musician Justin Stephenson aka 'Puppy Kicker' brings his 'Coloures & Memories EP ' to Rogue Dubs. Featuring six songs that are full of life, uplifting melodies, & despite the name, are deep, sexy and almost spiritual in nature. A truly unique album that is a must have for collectors of dub, jazz, midtempo & avant electronic.

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Alan Arbelaez said...
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Alan Arbelaez said...

Amazing EP. will def cop and play out this weekend. I have to point out that the EP plays on a more jazzy side with more melodies and deep atmospheres, not much mid-range wobble brostep or sub frequencies à la DMZ. I very much see some Von D, Author, influence on these tracks.

thanks for the post or i would've not known about Puppy Kicker for a while probably.