Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boxing Day Freebie Roundup 2011

A few days ago I started noticing a bunch of nice free tunes and .zip files floating around so I figured I'd do a repeat of last years boxing day freebie roundup.

Zed Bias might have to add Santa Claus to his long list of pseudonyms. Last year he gave a .zip of about 20 tunes, this year he's back with 23. A couple of them are repeats from last year but there's plenty of "new" stuff as well. Just go to his website and subscribe by clicking on Zed's X-Mas Giveaway.

Big ups to Austin ADP Vigil for the following links. 3 Free 2009 tunes from Indigo (scroll down for the download link).

Monsters X-Mas E.P.

Play No Games is in with a bag of tunes.

Synkro "Last Night"

DZ Presents: Various Badmen Volume 3 Xmas Sampler

Crmnl found these,

Nasty Nasty "Memorabilia"

Riskotheque - Bad Language

PE - Bring tha Noize (Samples Remix)

Love and Light Music Free E.P.

DANK006 - Calski - Saffire

Rusko Remixes

Rogue Star is in with 2 bangers, Rogue Star "Cold Shivers", originally slated for release on the Urban Graffiti Elements LP and a nice bootleg by himself that was previously dub only and then limited white label.

Ishe offers a 4 track E.P.

Download the Auvonik & Frank Valeur Christmas directly. Thanks Valor.

Second To None Music are offering up 17 free tunes, visit their facebook page or download directly. Big ups to Donnie EshOne for that one.

Skream, "Fuck it..Im feeling the festive spirit...Im doing the FINAL Freeizm....It's all tunes made between 2004-2006....Will be uploaded in 30 mins..Merry Christmas!" 04-06 Skream ! My favorite ! Here's the sendspace link. Big up Skreamble for always giving out lot's of nice freebies.

Darren Quest Henry "MERRY QUESTMAS EVERYONE!! another antisocial free giveaway is on the horizon! so watch this space!" Still awaiting the link on this one. Looking highly forward.

The Others "Titania"

Courtesy of the mighty West Norwood Cassette Library Blog and the fine folks at
Sonic Router, Knowing Looks "Never Gonna Get Charlie"

Factmags freebie list.

Big ups to everyone that chimed in on facebook, I had multiple sources for a few of these, but I appreciate everyone's input. Did I miss any good ones ? Add them in to the comments, with urls please. Thanks.


CRMNL said...

Love this xmas trainspotting tradition!

The P Man said...
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The P Man said...

L-Wiz freeness

adp said...

Big christmas. Happy Holidays everyone for more freebies

The P Man said...

Shoot, I forgot about Skream "2D" (Whistla Remix)

The P Man said...

Robin G-Double
"FREE TUNE for any1 who missed it: 'Fade Away' produced by myself: MP3: WAV: Retweet please!"

The P Man said...

Chestplate Festive Giveaway (Direct Link)

Big ups Pure Boom Hi-Fi for that one.

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